03 March 2006

'cause i ain't no hollaback girl

yeah, i haven't blogged in while, my life has been so hectic! so here's an example of my average day:
6:20am wake up
6:45leave for school (notice the whole hour i give myself to get ready in the morning)
7:07exit on university
7:12/13drop off brother
7:25park approximatly 20,000 miles away from school
7:31walk in front gates of school, go to locker and then section
7:45-2:15hell officially takes place
2:30-4:30spring sing practice, yipee woohoo fun, not
4:45pick up the boys
5:05 i'm finally home, sheesh
5:15-6:00me 'n mags hang (or my me time)
and then it stars over and over again.

BUT GUESS WHO GOT STROKES TICKETS???? me, yeah that's right, me. i'm so flippin' excited because the strokes are my most favoritest band ever, and i've had a chance to see them live, i'm so flippin' ecstatic. AND GUESS what else, as of right now i have an A in biology and i so aced the test today, and i have an A in US History. sweet.
so i've given up all meat for lent, and let me tell you, it is not as easy as you'd think...especially if you have cold pepperoni pizza in the fridge (and you love cold pizza more than life)

guess what else, my friend has red carpet ticket to the oscars. yeah, jealous much? i am. and she designed the dress she's wearing. yeah, i'm still jealous.

grey's anatomy=hottest new show, for sure. have you seen it? because if you haven't, you really need to, it's great, and the season 1 dvds are only 18$ at target, i bought them of course. i'm trying to get my mom hooked, by having her watch an episode, but she's really stubborn. it's on sundays on abc right after desperate housewives (10 pm my time)

well it's almost 9 and i have to take a showah, and do my dumb sat prep class homework (seriously worthless, don't take one)

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