27 May 2006

glove compartment (isn't accurately named)*

since i have not blogged in about one million miles, i will pleasure you with a nice long juicy account of my life these past few days and my opinions...YAY.

finals are in about 2 weeks and i have got straight 89.74's so that means i actually have to concentrate on getting good exam grades so that my gpa will be boosted (and i can actually get into a decent college and have a semi-successful/normal life).

last friday i went to my "orchestra's" recital and met the really cute guy named julio, that i most likely will never see again, boo.

yesterday after school i was driving in the slow lane (my exit was coming up) when this new silver mercedes pulls into the lane next to me. i had this total feeling that she didn't see me and would soon ram into the left ride of my car... so i pushed on the gas and moved more to the right to try and avoid her. meanwhile she moved closer and closer until finally realizing that there was a honda full of people next to her. here comes the part that bugs me...she dropped behind me and took the exit she was trying to get to (H street if you must know). while attemping to drive she deceded that the whole ordeal had been in fact my fault, and that i deserved punishment, so she flipped me off. and oh no, she didn't stop at one. she thought i couldn't see the lovely finger gesture that she was waving, so she did it again, and once more with the window rolled down. i really can't take criticism, let alone when people are mad at me, so this of course bothered me for the rest of the day.

okay so later on that same day (thursday), this is really random, i was at an elementary school. and i saw this young girl who couldn't have been older than the 4th grade (well she could have, but i am really bad with things like that)..with blonde streaks in her dark brown hair. i really don't understand why anyone would dream that these things would looke good, to me they look like bird poo that ran down hair in random places. and what kind of parent would let their kid get streaks anyway? soon there really will be baby toupees (haha, thank you SNL).

this brings me to my next point, kind of not really, the CA high school exit exam (i go to a private school so i don't have to take it). this whole ordeal, on whether the test should be taken seriously, has gone all the way to the CA supreme court and they are doing something (i am really bad with terms) that is putting it off dealing with it until the end of july. so that means all the kids who haven't passed the test (app. 47,000) won't get a high school diploma, because they could not pass a test that is based on 4th grade math and 6th grade reading. in my opinion, if these kids have gone through 12 years of schooling and still cannot manage division, then they have not taken school seriously enough to graduate. on the other hand they are mostly from the not so great schools and just might not have had umm...the right teachers to teach them these things. but i was reading an article in the paper about it, and most of them wouldn't have been graduating anyway, because they didn't get the right 'credits' (is this the right term?).

so we have finally made it to today, friday the 26th of may 2006... me and mager came home and decided that we would begin studying for finals early for once (that was a great sucees-sarcasm) because next friday we will be busy jamming to the arctic monkeys and we are scientists (:

after she left i watched the season finale of lost which had been dvr'd just for the occasion. there are no words to explain the greatness of the episode.

yeah, that's about it for my tremendously boring life this week. and please don't mide the many grammatical errors that i am sure i have made in this because my arm hurts and i am tired.
more later, gator.

*from title and registration by dcfc

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