17 June 2006

back in black

because i am super lazy, and love this picture, this is my blog for today.
these are most of the guy teachers at my school. Dr. Sheehan (center) is freakin' hilarious and decided last year, when he got his mustang, that this would be a yearly tradition.
I even caught him with flyers that he made to hand out to the guy teachers reminding them to wear black.
he got uber-mad at Mr. C (head sticking out of door) for forgetting and was threatening to edit him out. hah, and he was selling copies of the picture for a dollar each.
i love it.


  1. hahah thats funny, but what kind of school do you go to? ~lulu

  2. you got the picture too...NERD! i never REALIZES Mr. C wasn't wearing a black shirt...wow...shocker! Moreno is a wanna-be gangster at heart!
    -Cat ;)

  3. yeah i go to AN AWESOME SCHOOL. it's all girls so we have loads of fun, and out beloved dude teachers get together and do things like this. (:

    yeah i know cat, haha i actually ripped it off someone's myspace...i forget who.(: