09 July 2006

more randomosity

at one fourty five in the morning yo u don't always speel things right.

youareriddikulus: yay hooray
LeafyLemon18: lol
LeafyLemon18: i have church in like six hrs
youareriddikulus: haha
youareriddikulus: i'm too bored to go to sllep
youareriddikulus: sleep
LeafyLemon18: lol
LeafyLemon18: i can't fall asleep
LeafyLemon18: i laid there for like an hour and a half
youareriddikulus: i HATE it when that happens to me
youareriddikulus: i fell like i just lay there forever and think and think
LeafyLemon18: same here
youareriddikulus: and you can't stop thinking so you can't fall asleep! AHHH!
LeafyLemon18: lol lol lol lol lol
LeafyLemon18: haha
youareriddikulus: i've done that so many times
youareriddikulus: omg i had the weirdest dream last night
youareriddikulus: let me tell you
youareriddikulus: i was on one side of a wide
LeafyLemon18: uh huh
LeafyLemon18: *popcorn*
LeafyLemon18: : P
youareriddikulus: and i think dina(mandy's sister) was with me
youareriddikulus: ALL OF A SUDDEN
youareriddikulus: for no apparent reasom
youareriddikulus: i have a desperate need to get to the other side of the river
youareriddikulus: so i totally freak out, and instead of
youareriddikulus: being smart and running across the bridge
youareriddikulus: i decide that it would be faster to jump over the railing into the river, like 20 feet up, and the river is like a mile wide!
LeafyLemon18: ?!?!?!
LeafyLemon18: wierd....
youareriddikulus: IKNOW!
youareriddikulus: so then i JUMP!
youareriddikulus: and i actually make it alive to the other side of the river!
youareriddikulus: CRAZY
LeafyLemon18: hmmm
LeafyLemon18: maybe it means you'll succed at taking great risks
youareriddikulus: and on the other side i went inside a house and some of my TJ living relatives were inside!
youareriddikulus: yeah i hope so
LeafyLemon18: ...
LeafyLemon18: still wierd
youareriddikulus: i wonder what it means
youareriddikulus: i should call that lade that jerr called that one time,
youareriddikulus: on jeff an jer
youareriddikulus: do you 'member
LeafyLemon18: oh ya
LeafyLemon18: !
LeafyLemon18: OH YA
LeafyLemon18: ......i had an egg buritto and for some reason i wasn't allowed to eat tortillas but i ate it anyway
youareriddikulus: FREAKY!
youareriddikulus: they are all about how you are not allowed to eat, that is weird
LeafyLemon18: yup
LeafyLemon18: not as wierd as yours
youareriddikulus: i'm searching for a dream reader website
LeafyLemon18: lol COOL
LeafyLemon18: i feel better being awake chatting with you and my cuz lol
youareriddikulus: fun
LeafyLemon18: find anything?
youareriddikulus: ehh
youareriddikulus: ehh
LeafyLemon18: haha
youareriddikulus: did you ever geta reply from hot ben
youareriddikulus: ?
LeafyLemon18: hmm
LeafyLemon18: lemme check
LeafyLemon18: nope
LeafyLemon18: darn
youareriddikulus: garh
LeafyLemon18: ha

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  1. you two kids are crazy!
    -Cat ;)