13 July 2006

to grandmother's house we go

okay, since it has been forever and a year since I have posted a real post, here are two from my past weekends at my g-ma's and at catalina island.
my g-ma lives in the middle of nowhere, california, seriously. okay so maybe the town isn't called "middle of nowhere", but it should be. it's actually called California City. you would think that this would be the name of a big metropolitan area, as in Oklahoma City, Kansas City, New York City.but no. it is very small and in the middle of the mojave desert. fun. so while we were there we basically just hung out, went in the pool, played pool, and went to the movies (oh don't think they have a movie theatre in Cal City, no, we had to drive 30 minutes to the next town that did).
here are some photos i took of those activities: yay, mom plays pool above, and my g-ma's briard Voltaire below
windmills! (i don't know what they are really called, so i call them windmills)

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  1. honestly...who doesn't hate Balboa Park layouts! love ya kid...you made me laugh when i read it. camping wasn't so bad for me...i hope it went well for you!
    -Cat ;)