11 August 2006

decisions decisions

theBLACKsheepx0x (3:26:49 PM): which mall?
theBLACKsheepx0x (3:26:57 PM): hahahah....decisions decisions!
youareRIDDIKULUS (3:27:12 PM): you pick :-P
theBLACKsheepx0x (3:27:46 PM): goodness...i don't know...which is most convient/the best one to go to?
youareRIDDIKULUS (3:28:09 PM): :-\
theBLACKsheepx0x (3:28:40 PM): because i don't go to malls and i try to avoid them at ALL costs!
theBLACKsheepx0x (3:28:54 PM): normally...
youareRIDDIKULUS (3:28:58 PM): ahh
youareRIDDIKULUS (3:29:13 PM): i don't know let me make another list
youareRIDDIKULUS (3:30:03 PM): a/fashion/mission valley. we could go there
pro: more hot guys
con:marissa would be freaking out because she has never driven there before
youareRIDDIKULUS (3:31:00 PM): b/plaza bonita.
pro: i can drive there fo' shizzle
con: zero percent hot guyage
theBLACKsheepx0x (3:31:07 PM): hahahHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA...I LOVE you!theBLACKsheepx0x (3:31:13 PM): (driving thing)
youareRIDDIKULUS (3:31:42 PM): oh and anotther
con for A-potentially run ito eva/bianca/laurel/amber/anyone who attends out school
youareRIDDIKULUS (3:31:48 PM): our*
theBLACKsheepx0x (3:32:01 PM): OMGosh...bonita! you crack me up... "fo' sizzle...and "percent hot guyage!"
theBLACKsheepx0x (3:32:15 PM): for fashion? / mission?
youareRIDDIKULUS (3:32:23 PM): yes
theBLACKsheepx0x (3:32:35 PM): true...i hate Fashion Valley everyone there thinks they are better then everyone else
youareRIDDIKULUS (3:32:46 PM): too true friend
theBLACKsheepx0x (3:32:54 PM): friend....oh tears!
youareRIDDIKULUS (3:32:54 PM): ort
youareRIDDIKULUS (3:33:01 PM): haha
youareRIDDIKULUS (3:33:04 PM): i mean or
theBLACKsheepx0x (3:33:32 PM): or...what?
theBLACKsheepx0x (3:33:52 PM): we could go to Parkway/Horton(now that you know how to get there)
theBLACKsheepx0x (3:33:56 PM): i DON"T know!
youareRIDDIKULUS (3:34:12 PM): c/chula vista center
pro: umm i can get there and i really can't think of any others
con:we might get jumped or something
theBLACKsheepx0x (3:34:55 PM): lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I ABSOLUTELY LOVE...LOVE...LOVE...you pro-cons list...i REALLY can't stop laughing
youareRIDDIKULUS (3:34:57 PM): yes, but w can't take pictures there because then our parents would have to pick us up IN JAIL*
theBLACKsheepx0x (3:34:58 PM): seriously.........ahhhhh!
theBLACKsheepx0x (3:35:06 PM): hahahahaha
theBLACKsheepx0x (3:35:11 PM): jail!

*okay if you are not caitlin you will not get why the jail thing is funny, we were in photography and we went on a field trip to horton plaza, and the security guards kept catching us taking pictures and i guess you aren't allowed to take pictures at that mall? um okay.


  1. marissa, have i ever told you how much i LOVE you?
    -Cat ;)

  2. don't lie, you L-O-V-E...love me!
    -Cat ;)
    p.s. i miss you!

  3. i thought i should remind you of something very important. tomorrow, D.C. starts on the-n channel @ 4 (i think), it is a marathon. enjoy!
    -Cat ;)
    p.s. welcome to my world.