07 September 2006

back in...blue :(

so it is official. school has begun. that means senior year for me, and maybe not for you. i am taking 6 classes, again.
block one:british lit(we're reading beowulf)
block two:ap studio art(mr. stringer loves me)
block three:government(i should be taking notes for this)
block four:christian life themes(aka religion, mr. galvan is the bomb-digity)
block five:ap statistics(cat's in my class! woohoo!)
block six:lost civilizations (i did not sign up for this, but it is surprisingly interesting)

today we had our first mass of the year (mass of the Holy Spirit in case you were wondering). and campus ministry had a time planning the event.

item a:
we 'sang' a song from high school musical as the opening song, they changed the name to pilots of course.

item b:
we got to sing death cab for cutie. one of my most favorite bands ever. the only bad/funny thing about this situation was that they had a typo on the handout, see if you can read it.
haha, yes it does say 'death cab of cute' my friend mag had the time of her life laughing over this.

oh and side note our school changed it's 'colors' over the summer. we are no longer the 'red pilots' but the 'blue pilots'. highly dislike it! the red stood out and looked cool now it is boring blue. eww.

and they took away our sweaters for a whole week just to sew on an ugly patch.
before (nice simple and easy to express yourself)
after (to big and tacky, pins would ugly beside it)


  1. marissa, it's official i really do LOVE you. my favorite bloggy thing you said was about the sweater and the "easy to express oneself" part... flickin' hilarious (there you go MAG). Love ya. tata!
    -Cat ;)

  2. your favorite-est person EVER!September 22, 2006 11:09 PM

    thanks for wasting your gas on me. you're a true friend. :) hehe
    -Cat ;)