02 September 2006


okay, i know i have not been up on the whole post thing lately, and for this i am sorry. but school has officially begun and that means MORE POSTS! yay. so i am doing one on last night's vma's, let us take a look.

this girl on the right. i have no i dea who she is, but her dress is gorgeous and matches her eyes beautifully. all i know is that under her photo it read: parkerthene. if any one knows, please inform us all. thank you.

yay for danity kane! no i have not even listened to a whole one song by them , but i really adore the two outside girls dresses.

i love christina's new glam look:
she's BOSSY. and my numero uno pick for last night's vma's:
i love the front, the BACK, the hair, the shoes, the bag, and the POCKETS! i want this ensemble.


  1. you're silly, the last one looks like a pillowcase too...but with sleeves (oh, wow)! well i'll see ya soon (hopefully!) tata
    -Cat ;)

  2. Woooowiie I love that gold dress that unknown girl is wearing :D Great choice!!

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