03 November 2006

addiction addiction

well this article i found, on the newly impoved yahoo page, claims to have 8 symptoms of internet addiction. let us see if any of them pertain to myself, since i do check my email constantly when there is nothing else to do. i seriously cannot imagine what my parents/anyone who grew up without the use of the internet did when they were bored.

number one: lying about how much time spent online. i definetly do not do this, when i stay up untill 3 AM wasting my time on the internet i know it, and i tell people.
number two:general decrease in physical activity and social life. okay well, yeah. well i was never really into physical activity in the first place and i king of like being by myself, so..um yeah.
number three:neglecting obligations at home, work (haha homework), or school to spend time online. at first i thought no, but o my FORD i do that! i will waste my time on myspace literally doing nothing to avoid studying for a test/taking notes for a class! crap, i'm doing it right now!
number four: spending too much money on computer equipment or activities. i really don't have any money to spend, so therefore i do not spend it. my sister, on the other hand, is a different story.
number five: feeling a contstant desire to be online when they are away from the computer. no
number six: going online to escape real world problems. YES! i am avoid the whole college process for as long as possible (i know, this is bad since it is november) and if pink is the new blog helps me do it, then so be it!
number seven: disregarding the physical/emotional consequences of being in front of a computer all day. haha, yeah
number eight: denial of the problem. no, i know i have a problem, i am daily reminded by my sister.

so let's evaluate- i got.....four out of eight, oh no. i see internet addiction in my future. greeat.

on the subject of computers, i have recently begun to notice how our generation has begun to use internet slang in real life. LOL. hahaha, not. [i really cannot stand internet slang like that. it's overly used and i avoid using "lol" at all times, unless of course i am literally laughing out loud, which does tend to happen during aim conversations. and when it does i post them on here (:] but people are starting to use terms like that in real life. for example: yesterday i was talking to my friend sara and she used the term "slash" and it occured to me that we got that from doing so much work with the computer. and another example (kind of) is that my and my friends have started to use the term 'p.s.' in place of 'also' "oh yeah, and ps we have a quiz in CLT tommorrow"

AND (wow i'm on a roll foo') speaking of CLT (christian life themes that is for all of you non-OLPers[that is the Academy of Our Lady of Peace for all of you non-san diegans]) we took this online quiz the other day during class, that calculated how many earths that would be needed if everyone on the planet lived in the same fashion that you do. ---it everyone on the planet used as much gas/electricity and ate as mcu meat as i do, then we would need about 3 1/3 more earths. take the quiz and tell me your score! (pick your country)

i'm out for tonight, adios.


  1. Caitlin (the cool one)November 07, 2006 7:41 PM

    by the way... "p.s." isn't internet slang...it's letter notation...as in "snail-mail" and i see NOTHING wrong with it...so what if i say "p.s."...it sounds practically the same as "also"...but it's short...ps v. allllll-soooooo..."p.s." is better. that is all!
    -Cat ;)
    p.s. i DO know i AM a nerd-thank you very much...
    going off to work now....yeah! (haha)

  2. gosh marissa...i LOVE life!
    -Cat ;)
    p.s. for-real

  3. haha I LOVED over the hedge... I'm sorry you didn't like it. Cars was okay...I thought it would be better...

  4. hey crack-head... i hope your THANKSGIVING was super-cool and all that jazz!!! i'll be back in SD soon...what-what! tata.
    -Cat ;)

  5. M-rissa i found a sweater i think you will LOVE! check-it-out and tell me how "off" i was...


    *it's only $36.50 ... hahaHA!

    -Cat ;)

  6. lol internet rehab in your future?

  7. loser, you NEED to update...it is im-pear-uh-tive!
    (yo yo yo jew like me speling?) ha!
    -Cat ;)