03 April 2007

wisdom: school

okay, so i know that you all are off getting your much needed school advie from Ned's Declassified and all, but because i'm here and smarter than a 14 year old boy...

during my almost 12 years of schooling, and almost 4 years of all-girls catholic schooling, i have learned the following:

1.always have a magazine. believe me, it's school, your gonna get bored. either the teacher is going to give you time to 'study' in class or your friends are talking about the lamest subject EVER at the lunch table, a magazine will help you through your ways. i would say book, but with book you get interrupted when you want to keep reading. with magazine, you flip through pages and look at pictures, and don't really care who interrupts.

2. on cell phones: okay i know they all say "it's CA state law that you can't have cell phones in class...BLAH BLAH BLAH." well if you really wanted to you could get away with anything. believe me. just don't be stupid, i mean if the teach is giving a lecture and you think it is a good time to text.. are you an idiot, or something.. at least wait until you are watching some boring video on enzymes and your teacher is in the back of the room. oh, and the whole leg shaking thing is a total give away. and please turn your phone on silent, that's silent with an 's' not vibrate with a 'v'. they are different, you can hear vibrate, coughs can't cover up everything.

3. on lunch: i mean yeah, you could go sit with the friends you've been sitting with for the past eight years, or you could branch out, make new friends and keep the old...and i'm heading straight into a girlscout song one is silver and the other's gold. YEAH. so do like me, hang out with your friends for most of lunch, then slip off to 'throw your trash away' and sit down with your random friend from block 3 who you only talk to in class. and don't be all awkward, because we know that's awkward, so talk with the other people sitting there as well, don't just listen to their convo's and laugh at the funny parts, that's lame, you need to make the funny parts. wow, i rock at run-on sentences.

4. on homework: i need to go do mine, so i will post this now, and update it later.. so um check back, as if anyone reads this crap HAHA o geez/...okay MORE, well seriously, you should do most of your homework, but you can always get away with not doing the homework you don't have to turn in, or if it happens to be due last block that day...then you can save it for break, or something like that. so when doing homework at home, do it in order in which you will have to turn it in at school the next day...BRILLIANT.

5. on lockers: you don't necessarily need one when you area senior, but when you have to lug all of those books around, please use a locker. imean it is just really annoying seeing people with those HUGE backpacks, the ones that knock people out when the person wearing it hears their name and turns really fast. and then there are those people who want to have a cut little tote bag, but also want to carry every book in their house around with them. when the bag looks like it is going to rip, that means it is to small. use your locker.

hmm, well i think that is about it, maybe i'll think up more...maybe not.


  1. it's official...you're the CUTEST person EVER! hahaha...you make me smile, you make me laugh...and yes it is extremely girly, but you do make me giggle at times too! the branching-out thing is definitely KEY...it is nice to have an escape from your "group." because sometimes you just need to get away...you know.
    you cracked me up with the whole magazine thing...and yes the leg-shaking thing...oh i know exactly what you mean and i have been witness to this...that is so funny, i can't believe you picked-up on that. well, i have work to get to (poopie) so i will see ya tomorrow kido. PEACE-OUT *cough* lame *cough*
    -Cat ;)

  2. Make a pamphlet(sp?).... and seel them @ school. :P Have funn on the college visits skipper. I'm not sure if I'll see you before then. And for the lockers one I've seen those people.. they hunch in order to keep the wight balanced. XD I used to be a huncher. bye! :D

  3. !!! omgosh... I was just re-reading some comments from the past and I totally forgot the one you told me about your dream.... laughing out loud my friend. I love you and you are hilarious..... XD .....

  4. VERY good advice, I've totally seen that big-backpack-whipping-around-and-knocking-someone-out actually happen!

  5. i hope your college visiting was a hit and that you are able to pick the ONE college that is right for you! i can't wait to hear ALL about it!
    -Cat ;)