28 May 2007

"I Never Said to Love Me Back"

finally, a hit. i mean Albert came to san diego twice before. first, he opened for incubus, you remember? and i was planning on going just to see him, but those crazy insane incubus fans ate up those tickets faster than a box of coacoa-puffs is eaten in my house. the second time is was again planning on attending, but it was a 21+ show. i hate the drinking age. it's not like i was planning on drinking, i just wanted to see albert!
so that is when i received the news that he was coing back for round three baby! tuesday may 22nd = best day this year! there wasn't many people there, probably the least populated concert i have ever attended. but that made it even better! he opened with my favorite song "Everyone Gets a Star" because he knows i love it. as you can see from the photo i was not that far away from him (around 10 feet to his left), and there was this large pillar thing that i was leaning against (most comfortable spot in the venue). during the show he was adorable, some girl right in front of him asked him to touch her hand he said, "i can't reach..." but then he reached out and touched her fingers anyway. also there were a whole bunch of rowdy kids in the middle one was body surfing, and actually got on stage. he took a drink from alberts water and then knocked it on the floor. it took the security a while to figure out what was going on. and albert kept his cool the whole time, he made it seem like he didn't even notice some stranger drinking his water. but after he (the rowdy man) was gone some stage crew people had to come out to clean up the puddle of water. and then another loser decided to copy his loser friend and got on stage as well, the security caught on much quicker this time around. all in all i love albert as much, if not more, than i did before.
also i noticed that albert got a tattoo of the three bunnies seen on his album cover, and on the bass drum. it is on this right wrist.
then there was the opening band, the dead trees. i had never hear dof them or their music before, but i really like them, and i bought their ep after the show. here is a photo of them that i did not take myself, that i did steal from their myspace. i really like their music, you should all check them out, i feel like they will be big. they did a cover of Cry Baby Cry (it's by the beatles on their white album for all of you non-beatles obessesed people) the funny thing is that i like their cover better than the original. too bad they don't have it on their myspace. their drummer was pretty awesome, he got way into it, and was breaking things along the way. he was like putting his whole body into drumming it was great. also the bassist looked me square in the face like 3 times, i was standing right in front of him. and at the end of the show they were the ones selling their stuff. so i bought their ep straight out of the guitarists hands. i love everyone!

also i finally figured out how to post a song that will start playing with the page! yeahyuh

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  1. best entry ever...the title just gets you...you know?! ha!
    -Cat ;)
    p.s. are you writing it right now?