31 May 2007

coo coo for coco

i am mad for Coco Rocha right now, and let's not ask why, because i really don't know. so here is a little background on her, from what i have read:

-she's eighteen (like me!)
-from Canada (that place is so HOT right now)
-was discovered at one of her irish dancing competitions, and has been modeling since she was 15.
- she is 5'9", but above it has her as an inch taller.
-was recently on the cover of vogue as one of the new it models

(all photos from here)


  1. it's OFFICIAL... we are DONE with High School. go us. let the party begin.
    -Cat ;)

  2. and we are graduating in less than 3 hours...are you excited? cause we will finally be rid of the school and wretched uniform. (but now i have to buy clothes to wear...crap.)
    -Cat ;)

  3. haha its that girl from vogue that i didn't like but you did...fun stuff chica