14 May 2007

hello, sandals!

three words: i want these.

i've been looking around for the perfect 'no-heel flat sandal', and i have found them at last! they are Calvin Klein and are called "Cadee". yeah, i'm not so fond of the name, and too bad that they are 90$ and too bad i am not rolling in the benjamins.
it think i will start a fund: the Donate to Get Marissa Some New Summer Sandals Fund!
i'll put out some little collection cans at 7-11 tomorrow.

what? you want to see them again? okay.

so perfect... click here if you are rolling around with money spilling out of your pockets, and want to buy me these shoes. HAHaHA...i'm size nine.

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  1. you're a crack-head and you changed your layout...or maybe you're too cracked-up to noticed. (i wouldn't be surprised).
    -Cat ;)