14 August 2007


so i have been going very crazy insane getting ready for college lately. and that is the key to why i haven't been posting lots of posts. hopefully that will change once i move and get all settled in. ALSO when i get my dumb butt camera fixed so that i can put lovely pictures of my new campus up here.! sheeesh



  1. poop....i can't see the picture...... Hey I remember mayte giving you advice on what to bring. I'd like to hear about that. I'm curious...see you soon I'm sure! :D


  2. kay, i think i fixed the photo.

  3. I can't see the picture either.

    hmm... I'll just imagine I can, lol.

    I love your header by the way, and your pictures to the right of those swedish babeeees loooking hot!

    S xx

  4. MARISSA! are you HOME?! when do i get to see you? i miss you! how was california city you bum did you lose like A MILLION pounds through sweating from the heat? i am hot right now myself. you didn't miss much while you were away. except me and magdalena did a scrapbook day and we are almost done...JUST KIDDING! i can already hear your voice when you read that.... WaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAa!!! well i better get to see you soon...and what is the picture suppose to be of?
    -Cat ;)