08 May 2009


i have to leave tomorrow. i'm sad but excited at the same time. i wish i hadn't signed up for a shift tonight, i'm going to miss adam leaving because i'll be at work. i still have to pack all my things and wash my clothes, but i'm not going to have time today because i am leaving for work right after my final and i get out of work at 1am.
sad sad sad sad sad
i am full of bagel and creamcheese.
and don't want to go to work or anything
i'm also worried that i am going to lose my A in photo because i didn't spot tone my prints. i don't think they are as strong as my last piece, they are not as strong as i wanted them to be. photo is the only class that i really try hard in.
i know i'm going to win that scholarship and buy a DSLR, and i'm excited about it.

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