10 July 2009

so i was reading my new/old vogue sewing book that i got from the salvation army today when i ran across the designer profiles from back in the day. so that led me to looking up ysl and the fall 2009 RTW collection. here is what i found:since i have recently rekindled my love for sewing i have been thinking about ways in which i could alter/simplify these pieces for myself. i had actually sketched a skirt that is awfully similar to the first photo, but with more layers, i think i want to try that in a kelly/emerald green. earlier today i was toying with the idea of a hunter green wool pleated skirt for the winter and seeing that pleated skirt on the ysl site just confirmed my plans, i'm thinking larger pleats and 3 inches shorter. and the third dress i just really liked and am thinking of combining it with an oldnavy number i spied in the store today, in red of course.

well that's it for now, i should be doing something more productive, but i have found myself to be awfully lackadaisical as of late.

haha also check out mylifeisaverage.com funny parody of fmylife.

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