02 July 2009

so i've been thinking
and the more that i think the more that i want to sew myself an entire wardrobe and give all of my store bought clothing to the goodwill.

need to buy:
medium format camera

also started my jorb, it's quite the exciting one, but it got be realizing that the zoo is really only in it for the money. i'm pretty sure there are more cash registers than animals. that made me pretty sad, so i actually haven't walked around to view the animals because i am too sad for the animals. but i have met some pretty awesome people. yesterday i had the coolest looking mom ever as a customer, she had way curly/frizzy long hair and had it half up with a bow clip. and her kids were dressed very trendy, my kind of trendy, not necessarily society's trendy.

i had a pregnant dream last night, so weird! during the dream i'm like freaking out because i just found out that i am pregnant. i tell mag and i'm crying and it turns out the baby is due the next day which is impossible. but then when i felt the baby kicking i got excited and when i woke up i was sad. i've noticed that i get emotionally attached to the children i have in my dreams, it's quite strange and i hope i don't have to deal with losing a child in real life, if it makes me sad when it's not even real then i don't want to know what it would feel like for real.

i think i'm going to knit, and maybe clean up my room?

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  1. ...I keep having the same pregnant dreams, except every time that I have these dreams, I find out that I'm pregnant and can't deal with it. Then I keep thinking about how much I'm going to have to deal with the kid when it's born and finally just when I think it's about time to deliver the child and I've come to terms with having it I wake up...
    And you know what? I kind of miss that kid too. Hahahahaha. It's so weirddddddddddd.