21 March 2012

sketches 3/21/12

My point and shoot photos have been building up in my computer, so here is a peek in to what I have been capturing the past few weeks. Most of them are trees (surprise surprise)

^These first two are just some examples of light on the trees that I would like to capture in some bigger pictures sometime soon, the light has been so beautiful ever since the time change.

I can't remember why I took this picture^ but I like the moodiness in the sky that I managed to capture.

^playing with found frames, not too successful

^these two are from an awesome hike that I took a few days ago in my own backyard. I have finally been taking advantage of the awesome property that I live on. I want to go back and explore "Pine Island"

^last but not least my non-tree photo of the day. I was walking by AutoZone when I saw this awesome puddle reflecting the sky.

Today before I head off to work I'm going to edit some more photos that I took on my hike and look into some dentists (boo).  I just want to go outside and take more pictures, but I should really try and get stuff done.

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