14 February 2013

liebster nominations

Hello all, my new blog pal Anna from The Rosy Freckle has nominated me for these liebster awards!  Here's a little info about them that I found on everyone else's blog who posted them:

the liebster award helps to promote and learn about other bloggers with below 200 followers. nominees must link back to the blogger from whom they received a nomination. the nominated blogger must write 11 random facts about themselves, then answer the 11 questions their nominator has set for them. in turn, they will nominate fellow bloggers whom they think deserve some recognition and pose 11 questions to them.

I'm quite excited and think that this is a cute idea, and a good way to find out about other small bloggers around this world!  Most of the blogs that I read have a large following, and I'm very interested to find more people wrinting small blogs, like me :)

11 Random Facts:

1-I live in the "Quiet Corner" of Connecticut.  A quaint little county in New England that is not home to a single city.  I also live a car-ride away from NYC and Boston, but I never go.  What's wrong with me? good question.

2-I'm obsessed with mermaids. Email used to be mermaidmarissa@... the end, obsessed.

3-I'm not supposed to be reading this week and I have been cheating like CRAZY.  I never realized how much I love reading until I'm not supposed to, I'm an addict I suppose. This is the last time I cheat! I swear by it.
4-The reason I'm not reading is because I'm following a tweleve week couse by Julia Cameron called The Artist's Way and it's fantastic and you should do it too!You can find it on Amazon for cheap!

5-I'm in love with a 6'5" German, he's just wonderful :)  But he doesn't like having his picture all over the internet

6-I was born in Texas, moved to California when I was 10 and moved to Connecticut when I was 18.

7-I graduated the University of Connecticut with a BFA in photography in May 2011, it was fun but now I have loads of debt and am having a hard time finding a job that's good for me.

8-I have a younger brother and sister.  My sister is coming to visit from Philadelphia tomorrow!

9-I have an awesome new real life friend named Abigail, she lives within walking distance and we even have the same bed sheets!

10-I want to start growing my own food and eating as local as possible!  I read the book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver and it has changed my outlook on food.

11-I LOVE TO KNIT AHHHHHHHHHH, just thinking about knit sweaters makes me excited.

Questions from Anna---

1. how has blogging affected your life? I started this blog in 2006, so long ago! I was a wee one in high school who was obsessed with fashion.  I try not to let the blog affect my life too much, but rather have it as a log.  Also having somewhere to upload photos and knowing that people are looking at them is a great incentive to take them.  What's hard for me tends to be comparing myself to the megablogs, so I try not to look at them all the time, but I still do, don't we all?

2. do you wear socks to bed? Yes, I have to most of the year becase my feet are notoriously cold (just ask Jan) and I can't sleep without them.  But when it's sweltering in the summer I do without.
3. what's your favourite colour to paint your nails? Pink! or a nude color that blends in with my skin, invisanails ;)

4. favourite quote? "life is better than photography... sometimes" -Janet Pritchard  My favorite professor sums up how I feel about life

5. what are your five favourite songs at the moment?
Quiero Ver by Cafe Tacvba

Conversation by Joni Mitchell

Tonight's the Night by Neil Young

Canari est sur le Balcon by Serge Gainsbourg with Jane Birkin

Slip Sliding Away by Simon and Garfunkel

(I have this great idea for Jan and I to be Simon and Garfunkel for Halloween, haha, it's perfect)

6. what is your fondest childhood memory?  Having my sister model for me when I first started taking pictures at age 8

7. if you could have caught one moment on camera during 2012 that you didn't, what would it have been? The first night in our new place

8. what is your favourite thing about yourself? (you can't say nothing!) I'm very understanding and can't hold a grudge for long

9. three favourite things on your bucket list? roadtrip across the US in the vanagon, visit Jan's family in Germany, learn spanish fluently

10. what's one thing you want to accomplish this year? Prints from my own darkroom! I'm so close

11. how do you see your life in seven years?  It'll be awesome, Jan and I will have a house and be growing our own food.  I'll be making short films and we will have at least 3 dogs :)

I nominate Abi Goes to Town and Let's Move to the West Coast

You should answer my silly questions that I just made up:

1- Dogs or cats?
2-How long have you been blogging and do you want it to be a regular thing?
3-Favorite blog?
4-Favorite Song
5-Favorite Movie
6-Favorite Photographer (other than yourself... I know that's hard ;)
7-What do you find yourself photographing over and over again?
8-What do you most want to learn to do?
9-What has been the biggest change in your life in the past 2 years?
10-What do you want to be the biggest change in the next 2 years?
11-Do you blog for yourself or for others?

But you don't have to!

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  1. loved your facts! (and the fact joni mitchell & simon and garfunkel are in your top five songs) :)