31 May 2013


May has been crazy.  A good crazy I suppose, but also a little "driving me crazy!" crazy.  We spent a lot more money than we brought in, which is never good.  But all of the things that we spent money on were good. A fixed car here, a new camera there.  Speaking of new cameras! I found the point and shoot of my dreams on craigslist a few weeks ago.  A Canon s90, which of course I would rather have the more expensive s110, with its awesome grippy skin.  But I got the s90 at about a quater the cost of the current 110.  Here are a few photos that I took with it last week.






I've just finally set the camera to shoot in RAW, kind of disappointed I didn't figure that out earlier for these photos.  I'm sort of a control freak and love being able to edit them in RAW mode.

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