28 September 2013

Darkroom Adventures: Blooming tree & other prints

I have not been in the darkroom to print since early this month.  I have been so busy with applying to jobs, sleeping, working, and being sick!  We also need another car, which doesn't directly affect my darkroom time, but does indirectly.  My goal for the end of this year is to hang in a show somewhere, but I start to doubt that I will ever get that far.

Here are prints I made this month of the cherry (?) tree amidst the abandoned mill.  Most of these prints came out gray and I could not figure out why.  I am not getting any good highlights, this may just be due to poor exposure.

Here are the "final" prints from my first roll of medium format.

IMG_2774 IMG_2776 IMG_2777

This week I plan on printing shots from a new/old camera.  I used an old Kodak Retina IIF for the first time, I'll share more this week.


  1. Hey! I wanted to let you know....

    I nominate Thee for Liebster Award!

    Details are here: http://gypsyforlife.blogspot.com/2013/10/liebster-award-betches.html

    I love your photos, and always get lost on your blog, looking through all the lovely, inspiring shots!

  2. Darkroom Adventures is a great series to have! I love your shots. (I found you through the Blog Hop.)

  3. thanks for checking it out! I still have to browse through other blogs, as soon as I can find some spare time :)

  4. Thanks Trista! I suck at taking a month to post or look at this blog again, but I'm back. And I filled out the Liebster nomination back in Feb, here's a link to the post http://meoimagery.blogspot.com/2013/02/liebster-nominations.html
    The only reason I didn't do it again is because I remember it took a while, haha.
    I'm going to once again be an active participant of the blogging world.