13 February 2006

fall 2006

fashion week fall 2006, sparknotes style

dark/muted colors, make that necklace standout in this oscar de la renta piece. most
designers worked with dark this season. and another plus it that it's always a sure bet to look great, you need make no risks. bill blass(right) also made the desicion to use dark colors, yeah, i just pretty much love this dark simple party dress, that would be great with pretty much anything.

high necklines, looks like karl is no longer the lone ranger. though low necklines made their appearence, and stole most of the show, high necklines made a larger appearance this season. as seen here in a calvin klein piece.

and i just really liked this alice roi piece:*note the chuck taylor, i just love that, i wonder whose foot it is.

leggings, oh boy, no one saw this one coming (haha sarcasm) people have been sporting these at my school for years. i must say that i have tried it myself, and it gives dresses an "i'm not trying to be cool, but i really am cool" edge. charles nolan uses them a few times:


*love the bow

belts, great add on to give lose clothes shape. that baby phat is so hot right now:

ttyl my little fashionistas, i need to finish my american lit homework. y'all best leave me comments. bye.

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