11 February 2006

music: broken social scene

a great canadian indie band, that i have recently discovered, using my great music discovering talents . i can't stop listening to them, in fact i am listening to them right now. you should get their new cd, it's self titled, and i have a great picture of it for you. at first it seemed dull, like "blah, why did i waste my money on this?" but then the second and thrid go-round it gets better, much better, believe me. track 5, major label debut, is my favorite, i can't even tell what he is sayig 50% of the time, but i still love it, i need to look up the lyrics. man, canada is seriously producing some good sounds.

*if you purchase this album on itunes, you will miss out on the 7 ep tracks
*for those who enjoy-franz ferdinand, modest mouse, &wolf parade.
*great for-jogging,& surfing...the web
*click on audio clip, under my complete profile to listen to 7/4 (shoreline)
sat prep class. seriously like, "blah, why did i waste my money on this?" my words exactly. i then read ellegirl magazine, washed my car for the first time in months, and those are the only things i did today that are worthy of this blog. that is really sad. i have no life. and
"i really don't wanna think about those things anymore"-broken social scene, superconnected

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