16 April 2006

baby i'm bad news*

pretty.so it's been forever, and i've been shopping. i can't really remember everything i bought, so here are few:
i went to target (one of my favorite stores) and went through all of this luella stuff, and bought myself this green skirt, which i look adorable in by the way.

i also gave my mother the liberty of buying me some new shoes (i really do need to get a job), yay i love shoes.

i'm not alowed to wear them at my loser school, but that's why i love the weekends, 'specially spring break. plus, my black ones are all torn up.

breaking news, one of the reasons i haven't been blogging in a while, is my new favorite website stardoll.com
i discovered it while back, when it was known as paperdollheaven.com. i love it. one of the best features is that you can save your dolls, before you couldn't, and i was very disappointed when i mastered an outfit, and i had no way of saving it. it's awesome go there, you will have fun, if you like putting clothes together.

*portions for foxes by rilo kiley

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  1. Luella is fantastic...everything is completely unique. You have a great fashion sense. :)