20 April 2006

music: arctic monkeys

arctic monkeys. whatever people say i am, that's what i'm not. i had heard of them, but when i finally saw them on SNL i decided to get their album, because the two songs they performed (i bet you look good on the dance floor and a certain romance) were amazing. so i bought them pronto on itunes, and i've been listening to them ever since. some of the track titles are kind of confusing, but it's all good, because of the great lyrics and beat. the first track, the view from the afternoon, sounds like your average song, but then all of a sudden the beat changes, and it makes the song amazing, and like no other. they have great guitar, and i can't wait to see them in concert.
*for those who enjoy belle and sebastian, franz ferdinand
*great for drawing, reading magazines, dancing crazy in your room
*my favorite tracks i bet you look good on the dancefloor, riot van, when the sun goes down, a certain romance...there are too many to name, just buy the whole thing
listen here


  1. jesus, I LOVE ARTIC MONKEYS!!

    they're pretty much amazingness, i loved them on SNL.

  2. I went on that stardoll website and I really liked it. I made Beyonce look great! Not that she doesn't, but her outfit was hot! I ususally don't go for the dress up websites, but that one was pretty fun. Well, thanx for tellin me about it!