10 June 2006

no mo' skoo

yes, the rumors are true, i am out of school for the summer, and officially a senior. yes. so we had to turn our books in on the last day of school, but before i did, i took picutres of three of my book covers and i am sharing them with you, my non-existent readers. they took me forever and are like works of art, so i had to preserve them.
here we have american literature (my fav. by far)

and US history^


  1. I was just browsing around when I came here and found your blog. Jesus, those look incredible but how long DID that take? I'm sorry, but it stuns me how artsy that looks. All I do is cover my books in contact paper...

  2. oh man thats cool, my book covers are just paper bags with ugly doodles. its official you have inspired me hahaha. check out our blog

  3. yeah, they took awhile. but it was the week before school started when we got our books and i was really, really bored.

  4. M-rissa,
    I personally LOVE the U.S. History book cover...CUTIE! i am glad you are in photography with me kido...and my grades came in the mail today...pooh! well tata kid!
    -Cat ;)