10 June 2006

concerto: arctic monkeys

they were, let's just say, one of the best shows i have ever seen in my existence. second to death cab for cutie of course. they played all the songs i love (mardy bum, i bet you look good on the dance floor, when the sun goes down...etc.)and some new stuff. the only sucky thing, is that i didn't get any other good pictures of the band :( for a reason i so not wish to discuss. and they had this total hotty on bass guitar in place of their regular because he stayed in england. he was really gorgeous too, with brown curley hair and everything. oh and they came onto the stage to classical music. it was like the second coming (not really) i absolutly loved it, and it was not too rowdy, but not as calm as death cab. it was JUST RIGHT! if they come to you, you should see them for shizzle, don't even think about not going.
and then there was we are scientists. i had heard them many a time on the radio, but didn't have their album. i do now. they were very exciting to see as well, and cracked some jokes. oh, and get this; me and my friends were waiting in the parking lot for my dad (we were almost the last people there) and right after we got in the car, i saw keith (we are scientists lead singer) walking out from the side of the building, and he and his girlfriend passed in front of our car. wow. and of course i wanted to get out and take pictures, but my dad was already zooming away before i could get the words out. funny thing is that i recongnized him at first because i remembered the shirt he was wearing. well that's my lil' adventure. later.

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