05 June 2006

smart conversation

youareriddikulus: holla BU
LeafyLemon18: rofl
youareriddikulus: haha mag v. funny
LeafyLemon18: ya....pf
youareriddikulus: por favor?
LeafyLemon18: yessum?
youareriddikulus: hahah, mag what does "pf"mean, "por favor"
youareriddikulus: ?
LeafyLemon18: oh lol
LeafyLemon18: just say pf outloud like a reg. word and thats what i did... not P-F though ......pf
LeafyLemon18: like a puff sound i guess

1 comment:

  1. So apparently Magdalenda is an even BIGGER nerd than i thought (didn't know it was possible, did you?) i know she always wrote "pf" but i assumed she made a type-o and meant "of" as in the word...but no she is a nerd and meant a "puff" sound...who would have thought...SPAZ! see ya tomorrow in summer school...yuck!
    -Cat ;)