25 October 2006

it's fall

um, since it is fall and all, i believe that i should be posting looks for fall, not necessarily looks for next spring, though that does sound like something i will want to do sooooon.... aquascutum(left) burberry prorsum(right)

max azria(love the glasses)^

alessandro dell'acqua


and now for the things i can purchase without subsequently becomig broke. (: (all from delia's)

i like these skullss

in case any of you have failed to notice, i love leopard print

and i think that these shoes would be 100% adorable with my uniform!

cute and could go with anything? i think so.

and finally, and little shirt just for me.


  1. like oh-my-god wittle m-rissa changed the layout/look of her site... EXCITING!!! yes, for some reason i did know you liked leopard print...hehehe! i kinda like the LITTLE delia's dress...oh my goodness...did we actually like the same thing? CRAZY...what is this world coming too?! i don't know. the baby-doll like shirt/sweater is cute too. but i could NEVER pull-off either of these pieces...sadly. ha-ha.
    i JUST got home from school...so i NEED to do my government notes!
    -Cat ;)
    p.s. have i already told you how much i hate you for having to adandon me in government tomorrow for your grand-parents...who's more important...let's think...ME!!! (of course!) it's ALWAYS ME!!! AND DON'T FORGET IT...EVER! jking...see ya tomorrows.

  2. kitty-cat...again...October 26, 2006 6:55 PM

    AND THE WORLD'S LONGEST COMMENT GOES TO... (drum-roll please...)

  3. amazing fall looks. ugh, fall depresses me, it's so cold! so therefor, new clothes are needed, lol. yeah for cozy sweaters!