19 October 2006

regina regina regina

um, so pretty much i don't know why everyone on this planet isn't listening to regina spektor religiously. Her newest album, Begin to Hope, is brilliant. i had heard of her, but my bestest buddy caitlin discovered her, and as it turns out, she is even more obsessed with her than i am myself. my sister, on the other hand, highly dislikes her and even went through the trouble of locking her cd in my glove compartment so that i could not listen to her while driving. i dont know how she does it, but all of her songs are amazing. she is the only one who could pull off some her crazy lyrics, including: "....little bag of cocaine. so who's the girl wearing that dress?"or about "that time when i would only smoke camels"
for those who enjoy: music in general
great for: driving in the car
my favorite tracks: hotel song, fidelity, and samson
**link to fidelity is in mytunes on the side bar


  1. marissa o.
    i love you so.
    regina and her tunes.
    oh how they make me swoon.
    haha...like my little rhyme ALL for you?
    please, please don't be blue!
    when's the campaign? is it soon?
    -Cat ;)

  2. you should have called...i didn't get to watch my show...i had that project...and Jean had already called to ask for homework help...you should have called. oh well.
    -Cat ;)

  3. dun dun dun look outside u rwindow...

    ha jk

  4. jk kidding again...I am anonymous and regina looks crrreeeeeeeeeeepy