31 January 2007


whoa a whole lot has happened lately and i have a buttt load of homework. let's just say i HATE b-days they seriously suck. no, seriously. so i don't really have a lot of time, but i would like to cover the following things;;;eff it i'm not making a list.

but i have been watching Tucker (carlson, he did make his apperance on dancing with the stars) everyday after school. haha, today they deciphered the difference between Miss USA, and Miss America. miss usa is the skanky one.
i especially like his conversations with willie geist at the end. they are hilarious and fight like brothers. i feel like i'm one of their friends or something. today willie decided that k-fed deserves $50 million because he got away with twice impregnating britney. tucker says no. i love it.

okay, so i found the transcripts from the show so here is how it went down:

GEIST: ...But do you think K-Fed deserves $50 million? I actually think he does for pulling off this elaborate hoax of marrying Britney Spears.

CARLSON: I know your position from day one is that he‘s living the dream.


CARLSON: But taking money from a woman, he‘s a pig as far as I‘m concerned. I‘m going to have to take a stand.

GEIST: Of course he is but she has plenty to go around. He convinced her to marry him and have two children with him. There has to be some reward for that, don‘t you think.

CARLSON: She seems pretty convincible to me.

oh, and did i mention that they regulary talk about american idol?

GEIST: As you know, tucker, this here is the show that has boldly taken a stand on moral grounds to not discuss “American Idol.” We just don‘t want any part of that exploitation.
With that in mind, did you see the show last night?

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