01 April 2007

the office

it's april fools day, so that means funny stuff:

i love the office, one of the most genious ideas ever here are just some examples of its hilarity (is this a word? i do not know, but i will use it anyway)

Dwight: (OS) Oscar visited Mexico when he was five to attend his great grandmother's funeral. What does that mean to the United States law enforcement officer? (the camera zooms out) He'a a potential drug mule.


(Oscar is sitting across from Dwight at the conference table)

Dwight: Have you ever taken any illegal drugs?
Oscar: No, I have not.
Dwight: Do you think it's possible that maybe you could have had some drugs in your system without you knowing about it?
Oscar: What are you implying?
Dwight: Have you ever...pooped...a balloon?

Toby: All, all right, Michael, but Oscar's really gay.
Michael: Exactly.
Toby: I mean for real.
Michael: Yeah, I know.
Toby: No, he's attracted to other men.
Michael: Okay, little too far. Crossed the line.

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  1. FINALLY A NEW POST!!! i am so enthused! (haha)
    -Cat ;)