20 June 2007


guess what er'body! my favorite local radio station fm94.9 is hosting a coup d'etat weekend, this weekend (it is where they pick an new insider to come in and dj every hour) and i am dj-ing on friday at 6pm! and get this i am the second person, because the first person goes at 5pm! woohoo, that means they liked me a lot and made me the second person....right? haha, anyway i am going in to the station and everything, and i am just really excited. here are the songs i picked:
they might be giants- Ana Ng
dungen- Festival
peter bjorn and john- Young Folks*
mates of state- Goods
lily allen- Alfie
the strokes- Modern Girls and Old Fashioned Men
weezer- The Good Life
sondre lerche- Two Way Monologue
the beatles- Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da
the white stripes- Take, Take, Take
*since this song has officially exploded i was thinking of switching it to another pb&j song, Amsterdam
so don't forget to listen for me on friday at 6pm pt, on fm949!
(if you don't live in the SD, then listen to it live online here)

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  1. i am so lost...it is not even funny!
    -Cat ;)