21 June 2007

music: Elvis Perkins

When listening to Elvis for the first time, you might think "man this guy is seriously depressed" (for real, one of his parents died from AIDs related pnemonia and the other from the September 11th attacks)but by the time May Day! comes around get excited because your view will change (because May Day! is just so poppy and exciting). Elvis Perkins is an up-and coming folk singer/songwriter who has recenlty relased a debut album entitled Ash Wednesday. I first heard of Elvis while browsing an issue of RollingStone that came in the mail a while back, and I was interested not only because his album recieved a rave review from the magazine, but also because of his name, I mean there is Elvis Costello, but how much closer can an artist get to the king himself? Perkins, Presley.... Okay well yeah.
So I bought the album after I fell in love with While You Were Sleeping, about a minute into the song you'll think "wow, this song is so good i can't get enough of it!" then you'll look at the time and see that you are not even half-way through the song (it's 6 minutes long) and get excited.
After purchasing the album I spent some precious time listening and getting to know thw album by listening to it on repeat (okay I admit, I was on a four hour plane ride and they were showing a lame movie). The first thing I did when i got home (from the trip) was to put the song on my space, and i recieved several comments asking who the brilliant singer was. So now everyone will listen to Elvis Perkins! and everyone living near Chicago should go see him at Lollapalooza! and he is coming to San Diego for Street Scene, but I will be partying it up in Storrs, so i will unfortunatly not be able to attend.
I'm sure I will soon be recieveing a letter of gratitude from Elvis himself thanking me for the great favor I have done for him in writing a great review which everyone who is anyone will read! ....HAH.
Also I'm not sure what to make of the Lent referrals (for those who don't know, Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent, and Good Friday is the last).

*for those who enjoy: Damien Rice, Rufus Wainwright, Wilco.. i guess?
*great for: long car/plane/train/bicycle rides, or lying around the house with nothing to do.
*my favorites: While You Were Sleeping, May Day!, Sleep Sandwich, Good Friday
*here's what your looking for:

random: last night i had this freaky dream where i saw Nicole Kidman sitting in a Cafe, and she looked depressed (i think she misses Tom) so i went in and tried to make her happy. She let me try on her ring that looked like it had grapes on it, and i was surprised it fit me. and then some guy comes over and brings her this work of art she recently completed. It was about her love of mice, i saw that it included a canvas bag of live mice, i was freaking out and asking her if they were really alive. she said they were, and then i felt one on my so i screamed out loud too, because the scream woke me up. Weirder than this is that at the end it was no longer Nicole Kidman, it was Celine Dion. that was probably confusing.


  1. !! I still want that song by him.... You were AWESOME POSSUM on the radio buddy ol pal. See you lata :D

  2. I love 'while you were sleeping', elvis perkins is kind of my new musical idol
    thanks for reconizing a little known talent :)

  3. u r the cutest. and i didn't get to hang-out with you. so now i am sad. very very very sad. i shall cry now...
    -Cat ;(

  4. Usually I hate when people have music players on their blogs, but in this case I am eternally grateful! I've never heard of Elvis Perkins before, and now I might just have to go buy his album.