27 June 2007

Wisdom: Boredness

Well i am here to solve your problems!
so the past few weeks i have been finding some really random things to do that turn out to be super fun! so here is Marissa's super fun list of Fun Stuff to do when you are Bored this Summer.

1. go to a local thrift shop.
this is seriously really fun. if you are not one of those people who freak out at weird smells then you will have fun at least, because there are usually weird smells in thrift shops. the other day i went with my sister and we bought an old boardgame for a dollar fifty, and pair of ugly old glasses (my sister wanted them) for a buck, and i bought this book that i have been wanting to read for only 75cents. and that leads me to my next thing.

2. Go to the library!
i went a few days ago, and i was browisng through the childrens non-fiction center and i check out five books on random subjects that i am currently working through they are about the north pole, sweden, vikings, one of those eye magic books, and andy warhol. and then i bought te Lovely Bones at the thrift shop. reading is FUN.

3. sew.
and if you don't know how to sew, then you should learn. go to JoAnns, and buy a random pattern, or better yet go to the thrift store and buy one from the 60's. and make something crazy. who cares if it turns out like crap, you made something! it is also pretty fun to sew side by side with a friend. If you don't have a friend who is cool enough to sew with you, or you just want to be alone, then you should go online and download some podcasts to listen to while you are sewing, it makes it Very entertaining. and if you like harry potter then i suggest "MuggleCast" because they are SO FUNNY, but i am not sure if you would get some of the corny jokes unless you are a potter fan.

4. download Last.fm
really cool, it takes the music that you play on your itunes, and it givs you suggestions on what else you might like. great way to discover new music.

pack a picnic lunch and go to the park, bring a basketball to play with when you are done eating. no park? make a picnic in your back yard or i've evn done it in my living room, and play a board game!

6. make a movie
grab some friends, or siblings and make a parody of something. we are working on ours right now.

woohooo!!!!SUMMER TIME.


  1. hahah I love this missy. you should write a book. I have done numbers 5 and 6. We need to hang out more....i expected it to be more :P tata

  2. yes! another movie...i am EXCITED! i can't wait to see it. i am oh-so jealous that you have siblings to kick-it with. you are amazing and i love ya!
    -Cat ;)
    p.s. i am going to call you to see if you wanna hang-out with little ol' me. i hope we can do something F-U-N! (and i want MAG too!)

  3. Thrifting really is the best. It's like treasure-hunting and can totally kill hours.