27 August 2007

i am soo in college right now!

yeahyuh, here are some lovely pictures of my beautiful dorm room for you all to admire. it's not much, but neither is this post! haha, sorry i'm a very busy college student,,....you know....


  1. Your room is WAY bigger than most dorm rooms. you lucked out sucka. it is super cute with your little harry potter poster and beatles abbey road (horrid spring sing flash backs!). i am totally loving it. i wanna hear all about your first day when you have a free moment. call me sometime love.
    -Cat ;)

  2. wow, your dorm is so lovely and homely looking! And big. I think I always imagine uni rooms as being a little cold and pale and dirty and boxlike! ha.

    But yours is so nice. And check.out.that.TV! It's huge!

    Is it hot where you are or something (lots of fans!)

    And yeah, I love M.I.A so much, but she's never toured the UK properly, not even with her first album, so I'm still waiting! Which tracks are your favourites so far?

    S xx

  3. wow it looks so cosy
    its so exciting you have a dorm room hahah

  4. guess what? I left you a letter on our conjoined blog. I hope you get a chance to skim it . bye bye mi mejor amiga. (well one of them anyway) :D