20 August 2007

music: Jens Lekman

wow. okay.
so the other day i was on last.fm, and i looked at the "recommended artists" and noticed a name that i had never heard of. jens lekman. so "hmm", i said. "jens, that is an interesting name." i quickly looked him up on itunes and realized that something had been missing from my life all of this time! jens is an amazing singer, is voice is nice and deep, like a crooners.he first started singing under a pseudonym "rocky dennis"; and he now has several songs about leavig his the pseudonym behind. the song that is playing on my page "a sweet summer's night on hammer-hill" just makes me want to dance all over the place! also you all should check out "black cab" which is equally amazing, and you can hear the crowd requesting on the track on the page (at the end) what is even crazier is that after i had been listening to him, i found out that he was swedish. and "helllo" i am currently obsessed with the country of sweden, remember? craziness. some the lyrics are so funny, that i can't help but laughing, even though his voice is so dead serious. for example in "f-word"the chours is "f-word, f-word, pardon my french, that's BS, BS" seriously, they don't say the actual words. i got "oh you're so silent jens" and i suggest you do too!@

*for those who enjoy: sondre lerche, clap your hands say yeah
*great for: dancing in your room, texting your friends in bed, sewing
*my favorites: "A Sweet Summer's Night on Hammer Hill", "Black Cab", "Julie" (remix), "Maple Leaves"
*favorite line: " 'oh you're so silent jens', maybe i am, maybe i am" from, "Black Cab"

*you're looking for:


  1. yay!!! hey haha I thought you were dancing to 'black cat'.... no? thats a very nice picture of him. Cat the wonderful says everytime she tries to look at your blog it closes the interent window....hmm looks like a job for the geek squad or in your case your precious cookie from neds ble bleh classic.....tatatatatatat atatattatatattata chica

  2. i can read your page! i miss you. i hope your little class meeting thing went well today. i will talk to you soon kido. miss you tons!
    -Cat ;)

  3. thats weird, I would have thought that the west coast would be hotter. Hmmm.

    So yeah, I just listened to one of your podcasts! Pretty cool. I sent an email to you both too lol.

    yeah, Boyz is cool, but lets face it, the whole album is pretty great. Just counting down the days til Kanye comes out, now. And the Go Team! Yayy.

    I've actually only seem Rachel E W in Thirteen.

    S xx