29 July 2011

website update/ new photos!

Hi all, I've spent the past few days in RI without internet connection. But I have been up to lots of fun things in the past 20 days that I have not posted. First of all I have worked on my "professional" portfolio website a bit (a bit meaning just that, there still isn't any real contact info, or enough images). Here is a link to that if you are interested http://cargocollective.com/marissao. I have my own domain, I now have to figure out how to link it to that website. Eventually it will happen!

I've been busy taking pictures, reading, and knitting :) I've updated my flickr and look forward to doing so again today, so check back for new images.

I'm going to leave you today with some shots from the past month, including some out takes from self-portraits that I was working on in RI. Please let me know your favorites :)

^creepy naked doll at the mansfield drive-in flea market
^ awesome gigantic, how have i never noticed this bagel, at Big Y
^ I want this bumper sticker for my non-existent car
reflected light^

^rainbow of flowers :)

Here are some unedited/out takes from my recent shoot. I'll probably edit some of these and add them to my flickr/portfolio, I'll let you know when I do!

and this last one is for mom (my hair is growing!)


  1. Your hair is adorable! please leave it that length, i love it!

  2. oh goshdarnit your delightful photos have got me all lovesick for a holiday.
    beautiful settings, it looks like fun times were had all round x

  3. wow, that certainly is a big bagel store! lovely photos. also, i love your dress :)