01 August 2013

Blog Changes

Hello all,
I'm making some big changes around here.  I've changed the title of my blog to MEO Imagery to match my website/business of the same name.  I'm really trying to inspire myself to be bigger than I am.  I want a reason to make beautiful things, and I'm hoping to gain the readers/viewers to help me along the way.

I have been thinking of starting a new blog for a while and I've settled to updating this one.  I am tired to not putting effort into meeting new people (the internet if full of them!) who share my passions, and making up excuses to not be creative.  I want this blog to be a place where people can share ideas about everything, that's why I'm going to start using the Disqus platform for blog commenting.  I don't want to have to approve of blog comments or have you type in cryptic messages to prove you are human.

I want my MEO Imagery blog to primarily focus on photography with some side posts on things like art and knitting/crafting.  Let's be real, what I'm really looking for is something to encourage me to shoot and develop at least two rolls of film per week, and somewhere that I can chat about knitting, of course!

Please leave me any and all feedback that you have, I want to hear it!

-Marissa O

PS- Day 4


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