02 August 2013

Darkroom Adventures

This week I did very well in my darkroom.  I got right back to it and started making prints, after a quick trip to Hunt's Photo Video in Providence.  Here are the prints that I made this week.


_DSC0240 _DSC0239 _DSC0238

I love these photos, especially the first and last.  I was using a slow shutter speed on the middle two because of low lighting, and it really kills the focus on them.  And clearly I needed to get some Kodak Photo Flo for my negatives, I have since gotten some.  I hope the next roll comes out clean!

These photos were the last roll of film that I developed in my bathroom, I can't believe it but that was back in March!  Poor Moritz (in first 3 photos) has since been laid to rest.  I'm glad I have these prints to remember him by.  Speaking of memories, it's one of my goals this year to put a photo album together of all of my favorite darkroom/digital prints from the year.

The plan is to develop another roll of film tomorrow before I go to work.  That way I can work on them this week and share more next friday! Wish me luck!

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