05 August 2013

Inspiration for the Week


William Eggleston, Red Hair 1970


These make me want to start carrying my sketchbook around more regularly. 



I need to write this on my wall in extremely large handwriting.  It's so true!

Another week to be inspired, I'm excited because I just developed my first roll of film in 4 months! That's a long time for me and I'm glad it turned out.  I can't wait to share the images later this week!  Clearly I'm really excited!!!!

This weeks goals:

1.  Shoot a roll of film

2.  Carry sketchbook around and draw strangers (at least once)

3.  Plan a camping trip!

4. Get color film developed.

I think those are reasonable goals that can actually be met.  
Hope everyone else is ready for an inspired week as well, go make art!

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