06 August 2013


Here are a few snapshots I have taken the past few weeks.  I try and keep my camera with me at all times to catch crazy moments forever!

How tripy is this reflection?  My manager pointed it out to me and I ran to get my camera,  I'm surprised I didn't notice it sooner!

Condensation on a glass pane at work.  I love condensation, it's so fun to take photos of.  This is a good photo project idea... I'm always thinking of new ones, I should start a notebook just for that.

Tons of GARLIC, Jan and I met a man and bought a bunch of lumber from him, he is selling all of his lumber to make room for his garlic, he's a garlic farmer.  You have no idea how much garlic he had... this is just the very tip of the iceberg.


And last but not least here are some snapshots of a hike I took with Gracie last week.  I love taking her on hikes, and I think she actually loves it more than I do! Though that's not all too surprising.

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