26 August 2013

Inspiration for the Week

 I'm so inspired by complementary reds and blues right now.  This orange and cyan is a perfect example.  Love these colors!
Photo by evanthorizon 

 My friend Amy is awesome, she makes these collars and sells them on etsy.
Amy's Etsy Store FOUX and blog

Everything about this outfit is adorable.  Too bad I'm constantly messy.
Lauren Moffatt, Fall 2013

Sally Mann, enough said.
Yard Eggs, 1991

Goals for the week:

1.  Spend as little money as possible.

2.  Hang up frames with prints.

3.  Start the Artist's Way over again.

4. Knit!

Very little goal making this week.  I have so many things that I know I will do, but I don't want to make them a part of this list.  

1 comment:

  1. I love the orange/blue combination, too! And in general, autumn is very generous on rich colors, I'm really excited!
    Also, your friend makes adorable collars.