09 September 2013

Snapshots: Camping at American Legion State Forest

Last week Jan and I went camping for the first time together.  It was great.  Getting away from all of the regular stressors was amazing and so relaxing.  Sleeping where I didn't have a streetlight shining in my window was the best!  Here are a few shots from the trip:

Gracie likes to make sure that I'm always safe, I had to tell her to stay at the campsite so she wouldn't follow me to the car.

our campfire looking very majestic 
Gracie's silhouette in front of the fire 
Gracie's back
campfire self portrait
The last few are long exposures that I took on my Canon s90, I used a high ISO and 15 second shutter speed to capture the little light that was being thrown by the fire.

I cannot stress how much I want to go camping again! We had so much fun.  On our hike (I didn't bring a camera) I saw a porcupine climbing a tree!!! It was amazing. 

My only regret is that I did not take a film camera with me.  By next time I will have acquired a cheap 35mm point and shoot that I will not be afraid to take hiking.  I also wanted a break from taking photos, in a way it's tiring, thinking of how I need to have my camera ready all the time.  On this trip I tried to focus on the experience, not how I would remember it.  

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