12 November 2013

Darkroom Adventures: Kodak Retina iif

IMG_2921 IMG_2923 IMG_2920 The photos above were all take with my Kodak Retina iiF, I acquired this camera at an antique store around a year ago, simply because it came with an awesome leather camera bag. I hadn't really considered using the camera until recently, for some reason I thought that it needed a battery to operate. So back in September I finally got to googling the manual and I learned that I needn't a battery at all. I was pretty psyched.

 This camera is a rangefinder and I'm not used to focusing those, so it really was a new experience. It really is hard to tell what you are focusing on when you are shooting! As you can tell from the first photo. I had meant to focus on the closer bunch of blooms, but the lens won't focus on things that are such a short distance away. It really is a whole different playing field... not seeing straight through the lens I mean.

The latest darkroom news is that I need more fixer and film developer before I can process more film.  I developed one roll the other day that I will print later this week.

Below is a photo of the camera and film I used, isn't it gorgeous? _DSC0339

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  1. such a gorgeous camera! You develop your own film!? That is awesome! I've always been scared to develop it myself so I still use walmart, haha