13 November 2013


Do you ever feel like you never complete anything? That's how I've been feeling lately. I feel like I have so many things started and not enough time or money or PATIENCE to get anything finished! Patience being key here, in this age of technology I have been feeling my patience grow thinner and thinner in all aspects of my life.

So here are some new goals to work on:

-work on patience

-finish website update

-make more effort to keep in touch

-meditate regularly

I'm not setting a time for when I want to have these goals accomplished by because they are more of a lifestyle change in general, well except for the website update, that happens this weekend!!!

And because I cannot post without photos, here are some I took yesterday after our first "snow" of the season.  I use quotes because it was just a dusting.

1311_firstsnow_006 1311_firstsnow_000 firstsnowpano_02 1311_firstsnow_025 firstsnowpano_01 copy Well I'm off to get dressed, hope everyone has a lovely day, whether it's cold or not!


  1. awww,that dog is adorable! We got a bit of snow here too but it didn't stick around long.

  2. These pictures are incredibly lovely! Thanks for sharing. :-)