15 November 2013

Snapshots: Tea with Jill

1311_s90_013 1311_s90_009 1311_s90_016 1311_s90_023 1311_s90_027 My friend Jill and I met up at Mrs. Bridge's Pantry earlier this week, and it was so adorable that I couldn't not take pictures. I am so glad that we went because I had never been there before, now that I know how wonderful it is I might just take myself on dates there. You know when I have enough money to take myself on dates again. One week 'til payday!

 In other news I'm eating banana bread that I baked yesterday and it's absolutely delicious. I'm patting myself on the back for this one because I edited Martha's recipe and my taking creative license when cooking/baking generally doesn't turn out so well.

 Also, I'm taking part in this here Blog Hop, you should join in on the fun if you haven't already:
Chantillysongs Blog hop

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