28 January 2014

Roll 3: Workshop Tri-X 400

roll3shop0114007 roll3shop0114011 roll3shop0114012 roll3shop0114014 roll3shop0114018 I'm so glad last week is over, it was crazy, and stressful. I did however have some time with friends, and some time to shoot.

This is a roll I shot a few weeks ago, more studying of the wood-shop and it's contents.  I really feel that there are so many nooks and crannies to be investigated here.  I shot a roll is color the other day for Roll 4,  I still need to get it developed.  I'm a little nervous about that actually.  Once you are developing your own film it's hard to trust someone else to do it for you.  I just need color! I see in color, these need to be in color!

I'm also hoping to work more with my DSLR, I don't want to feel that my 52 roll goal is taking over my photo life.  I need to be constantly photographing.

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