10 January 2014

Week 1: Instax 210

1401_f220_001c 1401_f220_003c 1401_f220_005c 1401_f220_007c I took these photos last weekend using my new Fuji Instax 210. My friend just gave me the camera, and I must say that I have been loving it. It's so ridiculous looking, but it's also awesome.

I think that the color that came out in these is fantastic; I'm never sure what setting to put instant cameras on, but it seems like I hit the nail on the head here. The imperfections are also great, the slightly pink right side of all the exposures... must be some sort of light leak.

I don't know where I'm going or coming from as a photographer right now, I seem to be just shooting with no real subject or concentration. I want to start moving away from what I've been doing and start something new.

I want this year of film to be all about experimentation.

 ps-I'm the featured photographer this week over on This Analog Adventure It's Photo Friday!


  1. these are instax shots!? Woah, they must have improved a lot haha. I have an old one and its almost impossible not to overexpose shots, since the flash goes off no matter what. These are awesome though!