06 January 2007

artsy fartsy

so, lately i've been really busy with applying to schools and studying for finals, so this is probably going to be my last post for a few weeks. i'm just going to post all of my stuff that i am submitting for my portfolio to get into the art programs at the schools i want to go to.
this is jenna, she posed for our class (vinecharcol)

this is my sistah (digital camera)

this is a picture of God sewing the sky (prismacolor)

this is the engine to my honda accord (prisma color)

this is the san diego organ pavillion at Balboa park (digital camera)

this is a chess knight (sharpie)this is a person singing (multimedia)

these are two horses at sea world (digital camera)

and an upside down unicycle (graphite pencil)

i have mo', but yeah.


  1. love the one of the person in the water....it so belongs in a magazine somewhere

  2. wow, these are fantastic!

    my favourites are the one of your sister and the two horses.

    Tru is right about that one belonging in a magazine. It feels so summer-y and you can feel the sun on your back just looking at it.


    S xx

  3. ooooo They are very lovely. I LOVED you service video though. I was thinking that we could do something like that but like with our progressing friendship. It sounds corny but just think about it. We could do sort of the same thing but with pics of us and other inside jokes or something leading up to our senior year..... hmmm? Tis onlyeth an idea. I must study more now.

  4. hey hey crack-head. nice entry...i see i've missed a lot (haha) lately with no internet connection...dulls-ville. jking. good luck with finals tomorrow (clt...i HATE you) and maybe i will see you...or i may cry! LOVE YA.
    -Cat ;)

  5. You are so artistic! I love the first sketch and the water picture, they're very eye-catching.

  6. i am VERY excited to be a "bag-lady"...honest to god, i never thought i would say that...so ya, i've been looking on e-bay and google for ideas. i'm excited. talk to you later kido and good luck with your PORTFOLIO crap tomorrow!
    -Cat ;)

  7. LIKE OMG!!! our government and stats final grades are up... and i am crying a little on the inside... :( so much for my """"lovely"""" (it needs a LOT of quotes around it) GPA. i'll cry about it to you soon.
    -Cat ;)

  8. youre like way amazing, ur my artistic hero now